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Cancer Stinks Children’s Foundation’s mission is to bring joy, comfort and to help improve the quality of life of children and their families affected by cancer through advocacy, charity and support.

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It all started with two words “Cancer Stinks” ....

In the summer of 2008 in the midst of treatment, Nicholas was feeling very frustrated by what the disease was doing to him. He sat down at the kitchen table, took a piece of paper and wrote the word “Cancer.” Sadly he knew how to spell it. He then asked me how to spell “Stinks,” and ironically drew a flower. We knew it was something special and it was Nicholas’ way of telling the world how a child felt having cancer. Right away he wanted to put it on something and with the help of some friends we made t-shirts with Nicholas’ new logo. On June 7, 2010 he celebrated his eighth birthday and one year cancer free. With Nicholas better the timing was right and he was determined to start what would eventually become the Cancer Stinks Children’s Foundation. He proudly wears his hat with his “Cancer Stinks” logo and the word “President” stitched across the back. Over the past 2 years, Nicholas has given numerous speeches, organized collections and participated in many events to help raise money for the cancer community.
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In honor of his survival and his deep determination to help children like himself, Nicholas founded the Cancer Stinks Children's Foundation with his mission to bring comfort and joy to children battling cancer. Understanding how hard having cancer is and how scary the hospital can be at night for a child, Nicholas created his "Nights of Love," care package. Each item in the package was chosen by him and not only offers a sense of comfort and security but helps to lessen those feelings of fear a child may have when they spend night after night in the hospital.

Through "Nights of Love" and his advocacy Nicholas continues to share his lessons learned from his own battle with cancer. He continues to lend his voice to the many children who battle this horrible disease everyday. He wants to help children with cancer believe in themselves. Nicholas not only gives hope to children battling cancer, he also gives hope to their families and hope is the greatest gift anyone can receive who has cancer. Cancer Stinks Children's Foundation was founded by Nicholas and we know through his foundation he will touch the lives of many children.

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